piping bags

andrea1978, Mar 22, 8:13am
in your opinion what is the best piping bag to get? It doesn't have to be a flash one, but the one I got from the supermarket leaves an after taste I think (noone else thought so though! ) TIA!

poppy62, Mar 22, 8:31am
You can buy disposable piping bags from the supermarket now - I think there is about 4 in the container and they come with nozzles. They are really great to use and no mess to clean up - all throw away!

martine5, Mar 22, 8:50am
If the one you have leaves an aftertaste that would suggest to me that you should boil it after you use it and then let it air dry afterwards. If you pop a ladle up it you can hang it somewhere to dry. Piping bags have habour food poisoning bacterial so if you follow these rules you a) won't get the aftertaste or b) the bacteria.

barloo, Mar 22, 9:21am
snap lock bags! ! Cut the bottom corner out, add the nozzle and away ya go:)

My Nana would use baking paper rolled into a cone shape and the tip cut out ready for the nozzle.

cookessentials, Mar 22, 9:27am
You can get nylon washable bags and lined canvas style - or you can go to a stainless steel syringe type with nozzles if you prefer. You can also use a bag with the corner cut off, a silicone icing "pen" amongst other things. If you want a real temporary "bag" you can make a cone from baking paper which will suffice as well.

andrea1978, Nov 23, 3:42pm
Thanks everyone :)My friend has a kind of gun thing? which is cool but has more of a ribbon effect - I think I prefer the look you get from the bags. I did see the disposable bags but wasn't sure about them, so good to know they are actually worth buying :)Have used a bag for basic stuff before like jam for butterfly cakes and cream as well in the past. Nice to know what everyone else does is not so different from what I do :)

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