Im short 50g of butter for my cookie recipe.

linster, Aug 17, 4:23am
should i substitute with 50g olivio spread! would that work! or could i use canola oil instead.


dbab, Aug 17, 4:26am
Could you make 1/2 a recipe for now!

kinna54, Aug 17, 4:40am
Use all marg. Will be perfect.

asue, Aug 17, 4:41am
just top up with marg - it will be fine.

linster, Aug 17, 5:38am
thats for suggestions but i dont have any marg.hmm.i might just try olivio and see how it goes

duckmoon, Aug 17, 7:52am
two questions:
how much butter does the recipe require!if it needs 250g, then I would add the olivino.

if it is 75g, then I would be looking for another recipe.

macandrosie, Aug 17, 8:14am
marg is absolutely fine I often bake with it when I think about reducing my cholesterol!

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