Does any1 know where I can get peanuts

redhead21, Mar 22, 6:45am
in their shells. Have tried local supermarket but lady tells me they only come out for Xmas.

lizab, Mar 22, 6:55am
pet shop maybe? ? ? ? ? What do you want them for? I am thinking about when we lived in the UK and used to feed the squirrels with peanuts in the shell ... kids loved it!

montyrocks, Mar 22, 7:03am
Asian grocery store?

bex32, Mar 22, 7:56am
Try fruit & vege shops, they always seem to have them. Our farmers market has them in Wellington but thats not much help for you. Also, the supermarket has them I have seen, in those stands that are usually near the bulk bins and they have small packages of almonds, sunflower seeds, cashew nuts etc. Have a look there :) Thats in woolworths that I saw them by the way.

nzhel, Mar 22, 9:57am
I've bought them in supermarkets heaps of times over the years in the fruit and vege dept. Must say tho I haven't seen them for a while - but haven't really been looking. Perhaps you could ask when/if they are going to get them in again.

red2, Mar 22, 8:33pm
maybe try Asian supermarkets

redhead21, Mar 22, 9:22pm
cheers, want them for my cocketeil.

redhead21, Mar 22, 9:23pm
cheers, tha lady in woolies here in Taupo wasnt much help and I couldnt find them. Anyway will keep looking. Thanks, Nov 25, 7:58am
I buy NZ grown (wouldn't feed Chinese crap to my parrots) in NW, they are grown in Auckland and have the bags in the central area of the produce department. big bag for about $5 lasts my guys a couple of months.