Chicken Drums in Slow Cooker

mary92, Aug 12, 9:25am
I believe they are so nice done as if they are baked in the slow cooker, I wondered would you do them same as you do a chicken bit of oil on chicken and cook on slow. If some kind person could tell me. Thanks

toadfish, Aug 12, 6:47pm
I regularly cook Chicken drums in the slow cooker but always like a casserole.I skin them first and then usually add a maggi Cook in the pot type mix,The last time I used a McCormicks slow cooker satchet. mild chicken curry which was a bit deceiving, I would of called it more of a medium strength and it was lovely.

mary92, Aug 13, 8:41am
Thanks for that " toadfish" will try to-morrow,sounds nice.

suzanna, Aug 13, 3:07pm
mary92 if you use the search facility to the left of this page and type 'chicken drumsticks' under 'keyword or member' and then scroll to 'last year' in date posted you will discover several chicken drumstick recipes suitable for slow cookers. You may also like to do a second search using 'slow cookers' in the keyword line. You will, I'm sure, be delighted to find a great variety of recipes to choose from.

lx4000, Aug 13, 7:47pm
if you want your meat, onions etc brown before cooking in the slow cooker, brown them off in a fry pan first. Then rinse with hot water to get all that brown off and add that to the slow cooker as well:)

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