Fray Bentos Pies

rema, Mar 22, 1:45am
Just wondering if they are available in New Zealand, if so - where

dezzie, Mar 22, 4:57am

they have some apparently, and alsorts of other UK stuff! !

charlieb2, Mar 22, 6:22am
My mr LOVES the steak and kidney puddings... . lolPoor deprived pom that he is...

akl439, Mar 22, 7:38am
Used to love the "Kate & Sydney" Fray Bentos pies, but apparently they are only allowed to sell the chicken variety in NZ because of mad cow disease.

toadfish, Nov 22, 9:42pm
When we did our OE around Europe pre children our Kombi Van had a gas oven, we broughtFrey Bento Pies in a can would you believe. You can opened the top off and cooked it in a hot oven. The extraordinairy thing was, I remember it as being delicous. . with light puff pastry and a tasty filling... . . or maybe we were just hungry lol.

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