Dunedin - Looking for Edible transfer photos

dirtysouth2, Mar 22, 12:44am
cakes! anyone know a bakery thanks!

vintagekitty, Mar 22, 1:39am
Caversham 4square, try them, they hire out cake tins and have a huge supply decorating stuff

dollmakernz, Mar 22, 1:58am
There's a lady in Invercargill that does a fantastic job, just email her the pic and tell her what text, font etc that you want and she posts them to you. She's done a few for me now and I was really pleased with them. So easy to use! http://www.cakeprints.co.nz/

chickab840, Mar 22, 7:54am
Quicksands in South Dunedin :)

desmodean, Mar 22, 8:23am
In Timaru, pak n save can do them, maybe in Dunedin too.

nikki38, Nov 25, 6:40pm
Thanks for that link - its exactly what I am after too.

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