trying to find the old crockpot/slow cooker thread

mango5, Mar 22, 12:21am
that had loads and loads if recipes on it. I am wading through vmn as that is where I saw it last year but am having trouble finding it again. Does anyone have a link to the old thread? Thanks.

mango5, Mar 22, 12:27am
oh no its gone... . . crap.

245sam, Mar 22, 12:28am
mango5, is this what you're wanting to find:-


mango5, Mar 22, 12:30am
no, just found it, thank God.

mango5, Mar 22, 12:31am
thank you 245sam, I did not realise you had posted and I just found it on page 22 on vmn, thanks anyway, I'm so pleased its there.

snapit, Mar 22, 2:08am
Here is another source of recipes for the slow cooker php? f=10&sid=891a6f

chevyfireball, Mar 22, 2:51am
there is a new cookbook coming out beg of april with heaps of these recipes in it for busy mums etc by Joan ? ? she was on good morning last week

mango5, Mar 22, 3:34am
joan bishop?

chevyfireball, Nov 22, 11:06am
yep that the one

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