Can you help! Lost my natural antibiotic recipe.

74nova, Aug 8, 5:03am
sort of remember whats in it, has garlic, ginger, cinnamon, ceyenne pepper, but cant remember the proportions.can you help!thanks.

janny3, Aug 8, 5:23am
Thanks for asking.We could do with some around here.Hoping someone posts the recipe.

glynsmum, Aug 8, 5:26am
Bump Please

lythande1, Aug 8, 5:58am
Natural antibiotic! That would be certain types of bread mold.

74nova, Aug 8, 6:07am
Ok I found it.

2 tbsp cinnamon, 1 tbsp ground ginger, 1 tbsp garlic (I used crushed), 1 tbsp ceyenne pepper.

Mix to a paste with a little hot water.Use 1 tsp paste in small glass of water.Use 5 -10 teaspoons of this liquid in lemon and honey drink.Keeps in fridge for a long time.Definately works on colds, sore throats and flu symptoms.

janny3, Aug 8, 6:43am
Have had a sore throat for over a week so will give this a go. THANKS!

jaydan1, Aug 8, 6:50am
Thanks for posting, im going to try this, love all those ingrediants. Though not sure how it will go down with the kids.

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