Slice recipes for hungary uni students.

tessie34, Mar 21, 10:06pm
I havent baked for a long time so the easier the better for this Nanna Many thanks.

pam.delilah, Mar 21, 10:22pm
on the left hand side of this page there is a search option. Use slices as the key word and change date posted to any time or pop in to the trademe cooks website via this link, for past postings php? f=15&st=0&s

uli, Mar 22, 12:59am
In Hungary there are not many overly sweet slices like there are in NZ - so your Hungarian uni students would probably like a steak much more than sweet slices :)

tessie34, Nov 21, 3:50pm
Pam. delilah thank you. uli... when I meet an Hungarian I"ll remember that.

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