Butter and Malt biscuits

korbo, Aug 5, 9:59pm
Made a slice that you crush the malt biscuits, and add 200gm melted butter.Particularly used butter that contained no water.
The topping cooked, but base is all crumbly.
This happened once before and I blamed the butter.

Does anyone have any idea what causes this, is it the butter or something changed in the buscuits.!

lx4000, Aug 5, 10:32pm
what was the weight of biscuits! was it a fine crumb or a bit chunky!

cgvl, Aug 5, 11:35pm
I'd add an extra 50gm butter, Have had this problem also and found that adding the extra butter made a difference.

buzzy110, Aug 6, 1:06am
In the past, I too have found that no matter how much melted butter the recipe calls for, it is not enough. The instant the butter meets the biscuit crumbs it is absorbed by that patch and the rest is untouched by butter. If I still made stuff like that I'd probably try creaming the butter, rather than melting it, and beat the finely crumbled biscuits into that instead.

lx4000, Aug 6, 1:13am
its been years, but I always got in there with my hands and Really worked it over and squeezed it throu then pushed it in firmly into the tin.

holdenss, Aug 6, 2:27am
Id be Questioning the crumb your using! as Some can contain more moisture than others, Also depends on how fine the crumb is, as a finer crumb will need more butter and a larger crumb will need less, Its clearly just a moisture ratio that your need to play around with.

korbo, Aug 6, 10:49am
thanks for your input. biscuits put in processor, same as i have done for 30 odd years, I agree with buzzy, yes the biscuits do absorb the butter in parts,
BUT in saying that, I have absolutly NO problem with the butter and malt biscuits when making lolly cake.
Next time I am going to do the base with weekbix slice and see if that makes a difference.
Slice was yummy anyway, just crumbly on bottom.

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