Iced tea

genpat, Nov 7, 8:28am
Do any of you wonderful foodies have a good iced tea recipe? I seem to remember mint and other things. Just thinking of non alcoholic drinks for dieting. Thanks.

andrea135, Nov 8, 11:02pm
Hi, I love this one.

8 teabags of your choice
8 cups filtered water
Ice Cubes
Lemon Slices
Fine Sugar (optional)
Fresh mint leaves or fruit to match your tea choice

Pour 4 cups of boiling water into a teapot or glass jug with the teabags. Cover and steep for 15 mins.
Remove teabags but don't squeeze them as they become bitter.
Addcups of cold water and stir.
Sweeten and add lemon slices
Let cool, chill and then taste. Sweeten with caster sugar if required.
If the water gets cloudy just add a touch of boiling water to clear it.

pam.delilah, Nov 8, 11:08pm
Homemade Iced Tea
Serves 6 to 8
6 English Breakfast teabags
1. 2 litres boiling water
275ml freshly squeezed orange juice, chilled
squeezed juice of 1/2 lime
1/2 orange, sliced
1/2 lemon, sliced
2 level tablespoons caster sugar
about 12 sprigs of fresh mint
plenty of ice
• Firstly make up some very strong tea (use a ceramic teapot wherever possible) using the teabags and boiling water. Add the caster sugar and about a third of the mint and then give it a good stir. Leave to infuse for 15 to 20 minutes.
• Remove the tea bags and leave the tea until completely cold. Remove the mint sprigs.
• Part fill a large jug with ice and pour the cold tea into it. Now top up with the freshly squeezed orange juice, the lime juice and another third of the mint sprigs. Finally add the orange and lemon slices and then give it a really good stir.
• Serve the iced tea in tall glasses with lots of ice, decorated with a slice of lemon and small sprig of mint.

twinsforus, Nov 9, 12:28am
Ooo thanks for those recipes! I've been thinking about having iced tea as the non-alcoholic drink for Xmas!
How long does a jug last for in the fridge? ?

andrea135, Nov 9, 1:21am
Not long in our house! but it should be fine for 3-4 days in the fridge.

genpat, Nov 9, 6:16am
Thanks so much I am going to have fun with these!

510, Mar 21, 9:05pm
thanks Pam I have just made your ice tea recipe. It is in the fridge getting cool, I will report back later. This brings back lovely memories of ice tea in the garden & at our lovely Xmas huge out door lunches of days long gone.

pam.delilah, Mar 21, 9:37pm
Hi 510

I am using green tea and omitting the orange and using morelemon, as both help with weight loss. Mmmmmm, green tea and lemon

510, Nov 24, 8:02am
Thanks Pam It was lovely and refreshing I will try it with green tea next time.

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