13 year old Gluten free daughter

alley11, Mar 21, 9:52am
just been diagonized with Diabetes type 1, any suggestions from others in the same boat, as to an Easter treat, in the form of chocolate for her please? ?

toadfish, Mar 21, 5:34pm
I always find Easter a bit commercial and overpriced... thats just me, so for the last few years (my daughters are 15 & 17) I buy a King size block of chocolate for about $3 and stick a $10 note to it. That way they are getting more chocolate than a hollow egg... . and $10 cash for the same price as a flasher egg. So for your daughter... find something she is allowed eg no sugar werthers are quite nice and stick a note on it... Teenagers love cash lol. (PS when they were little of course they got easter eggs... . . not that much of meanie)

bedazzledjewels, Nov 20, 11:00am
Lol Toady.
I always gave my teenagers the choice of chocolate or money and they always chose the money!

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