Lamington cakes and cream recipe

reaperssoul, Mar 21, 9:55am
wife tried making some lamingtons today from recipes over the net and how ever the results were disapointing, i had ate some lamingtons a while back from a bakery and they were nice and nothing close to what we baked which was just a plain sponge cake covered in choc and coconut, does any one know how to make some like the ones they sell in the bakeries

and also how to make home made cream for them

alebix, Mar 21, 10:00am
Most bakeries cover some day old sponge with runny icing/jelly and cover in coconut.
As for the cream, its normal whipped cream with maybe a bit of icing sugar added.

reaperssoul, Mar 21, 10:01am
ooooh can you still give me the recipe,

alebix, Mar 21, 10:04am
I dont bake my sponge, I buy a trifle sponge and make them from that, ... tastes like bakery ones. .

reaperssoul, Mar 21, 10:07am
so what mixture ofingredientsdo you use for the covering,
by the way what supermarket do you buy the trifle sponge from

griffo4, Mar 21, 7:38pm
My choc icing is about 1 1/2 cups icing sugar, 2 tablespoons cocoa, knob of butter, 1/2 tsp vanilla essence and then add enough boiling water to melt butter and mix to runny icing if you make it too runny then add a bit more icing sugar, or more water if too dry.
l make my own sponge and then put it in the freezer and when l want it l pull it out cut into pieces and dunk straight into icing l usually poke the fork into the sponge and move it round in the icing so it doesn't soak up too much, drain for a few seconds then into the coconut. .
Good luck l also freeze my lamingtons once l have made them and then whenever someone turns up you can grab some out and they thaw out in no time
l did make one recently from a brought sponge and was very nice you can get them from any supermarket in the fresh baked section

missmalice, Mar 21, 8:11pm
I made green ones for st pats... here's my tips...

Put the sponge in the freezer for a bit (my first attempt was with room temp sponge =fail)
Make some jelly and let cool till almost set (too watery and it will disintergrate the sponge)
Peel off the browny 'skin' and cut into squares
Quickly dip each side in jelly then roll in coconut - you don't want to hold the sponge in the jelly too long or it will soak too much

Lime jelly isn't really strong enough but i think raspberry would be awesome :)

Oh and i just brought a sponge from the supermarket...

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