Whats for dinner? I reckon we got the best

kruz23, Mar 21, 5:41am
dinner for tonight.


sumstyle, Mar 21, 5:44am
Yum, looked noice!

kruz23, Mar 21, 5:46am
Yep about to have it soon. Can't wait. hehe. Fish Green Curry

jag5, Mar 21, 8:03am
My challenge tomorrow night is... we have 2 wonderful friends coming for dinner, and they love our Lifestyle Block. I intend cooking dinner from our land, and what I can make.

Pumpkin, carrot and bacon soup, homemade bread, mains is Crumbed schnitzel, new potatoes, baby carrots, cocktail tomato salad, with paneer cheese, and to finish, rhubarb crumble with whipped vanilla cream.

So looking forward to it. They are also Real Estate Agents, and he will probably be marketing it for us, and wants to do funky, out there marketing. So should be great.

uli, Mar 21, 8:07am
Had much the same tonight LOL
Fish, prawns and mussel green curry served over broccoli and carrots.

kruz23, Mar 21, 8:12am

uli, Mar 21, 8:19am
Yep - just licking the bowl now :)

kruz23, Nov 20, 6:05pm
might give that a go this week

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