Microwave oven browning dish

micky_1, Aug 1, 6:41am
tell this thick old bird how to use these please? I have been given my grandmothers who swore by them but I cant get the gist of it? please help???

micky_1, Aug 1, 7:30am
no one?

fifie, Aug 1, 7:35am
Far as i can remember heatdish up about 3-4 mins, grease hot dish, place food in turn food half way through cooking to get both sides brown. Experiment see how it goes, chicken, hash browns etc.

micky_1, Aug 1, 7:49am
yep been trying all sorts...lol

nauru, Aug 1, 7:49am
I used mine same as fifie says, that's about all there is to it.

micky_1, Aug 1, 7:50am
ok guess I am heating it too long? and I did stuff up by greasing dish 1st...lol

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