separating egg yoke

traceylee213, Mar 21, 4:09am
wats the easyest way of doing this

auntlb, Mar 21, 4:22am
There are lots of ways to do this! One way my youngest used to do it was to break an egg on to a saucer and then cover the yolk part with an egg cup - tip the egg white into a continer.
Another way is to crack open the egg and carefully pull shell apart so you are holding a half in each hand. Tipping slowly to the side let the egg white drip out into a small bowl and keep the yolk in the shell - tip yolk back and forth from one shell to the other until all the egg white is in the bowl and the yolk in the shell.

alebix, Mar 21, 6:08am
I either use my egg seperator or use the 2 half egg shells...

unknowndisorder, Mar 21, 6:30am
Tracey, the half-shell way is easy - my husband had thought it was complicated to separate eggs, until he tried it.
As one of the other posters mentioned, you can also buy egg separators (I know tupperware used to do one). I had one at some stage but never used it.

deus701, Mar 21, 6:33am
use your hands

cookessentials, Mar 21, 6:39pm
You can use your hands and the half shells, you need to be careful not to get any yolk in the whites however, as you need clean egg whites if you are going to make meringue from them. A good old plastic egg separator will do the trick. You just hook it over a bowl or cup, crack the egg into it and the whites slide through the slits in the sides and the yolk ( still intact) stays in the holder.

mango5, Mar 21, 7:15pm
I have always found using my hands and gently rolling the egg in my hands and letting the white run through the fingers the best way for me.

cap, Nov 21, 1:04am
I just use the half shells and it helps if the egg is cold. If I remember I tend to seperate the eggs one at a time in to a cup so if you do break one yolk you don't ruin all the other whites.

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