Wanting to make a creamy prawn sauce to serve

cherie19, Mar 21, 1:14am
on steak. Can you get a good result by using already cooked prawns, or should i be cooking the prawns myself.

homelygirl0011, Mar 21, 3:48am
Already cooked prawns, are tasteless, they lose there taste, when frozen. I usually just make, mushroom, and cracked peppercorn sauce. Creamy prawn sauce sounds nice, maybe make it withseafood dip mix.

miss-skyline, Mar 21, 6:52am
I tried this recently in australia my cousin is a chief... yes you can use frozen prawns. my cousin fried them in butter with fresh crushed garlic, she then added cooking cream until it reduces down and thickens, add a small amount of finely chopped parsley and poured over cooked porter house steaks... . yum

martine5, Mar 21, 8:10am
I would chop an onion, fry in olive oil add a finely chopped clove of garlic, a dribble of lemon juice, 2 good splash esmof white wine and half a cup of cream and some salt and pepper. Cook for a good few minutes until its reduced. Then I would add your raw prawns. Taste it make sure the prawns are cooked and the sauce is reduced and yummy and hey presto

pickles7, Mar 21, 11:24am
shrimps are tastier for a sauce than prawns. I use cooked shrimp a little chopped celery and seafood sauce zapped for a few seconds in the mic. Mayo would be fine if you didn't have seafood sauce, just add a drop of chili sauce and a little tomato sauce.

vtired, Nov 21, 5:11pm
I use this recipe and it is fail safe and yummy, raw prawns add more flavour but cooked are okay as well, you just don't cook them as long.

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