Same old same old..

jubblieme, Mar 21, 12:30am
Boring dinners wich consist of mix veg mashed potatoes and what ever meats going. Think its safe to say the last couple of months ive been very lazy in the kitchen... . So, whos got some scrummy new dinner ideas/recipes for me? ? Something healthy that a four yr and 1yr would be pleased to see on their plate instead of the usal lol. Or even diffrent things i could do with the potatoes and veges...

lythande1, Mar 21, 12:37am
1 pot meals? Lazy but a bit more exciting.
Stirfries too, quick not time consuming.
Pizza? ? Even if you cheat and buy the base, DIY pizza, yum yum.

ry5, Mar 21, 12:48am
Throw it all into a quiche! Cubed spuds, veges, bacon - yum!

jubblieme, Mar 21, 1:13am
Home made pizza i made that a while ago and miss four loved helping then eating something she made miss 1 just liked eating the stuff that we were putting on lol will do that again! Quiche yum havent had that since i lived at home! Stirfry and one pot meals any instructions lol? ?

runeaholics, Mar 21, 3:20am
Puff pastry base with pizza toppings on top - make sure you don't go overboard otherwise the pastry won't rise! ! !

carot3, Mar 21, 3:25am
spag bol, nachos, fish pie, meat kebabs with rice, scotch eggs, swiss roll?

alebix, Nov 20, 8:05am
Im having a similar issue #1.

We do rice risotto (packet) stir frys.
stroganoff with rice
apricot chicken and rice or pasta
honey mustard chicken and rice

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