Pudding Ideas please....

ianoost, Jul 22, 8:08am
We are going to a friends for dinner tomorrow night and having roast pork for tea I said I would bring pudding but dont want to be lazy and buy something, but need some insperation for something chocolatey and delicious! Any Ideas??

jascas, Jul 22, 8:48am
Chocolate self-saucing pudding with vanilla ice cream and cream

les6, Jul 22, 9:07am
put some chopped walnuts in with it.

earls5, Jul 25, 6:46am
bit late now , but apple crumble wouldhave been yummo

kiwiscrapper1, Jul 25, 7:58am
If your having a roast woud you want something as heavy or rich as chocolate, maybe a pav or the apple crumble, icecream, creme caramel, rice pudding, or maybe lemon yoghurt cake, can be made the day before and its not a 'heavy' pud. making me hungry were having creme caramel off to eat it!

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