Homemade Ice Cream

dolphin9, Jul 22, 6:45am
Just made icecream, and it was so sucessful and easy I should have done it years ago.Always thought it was tricky and you needed an icecream maker or lots of stiring every hour or so.But no, it was easy, peasy and so yum.And another plus is I know what goes in, no preservatives or other.Only prob is high calorie, but its a treat so all good!

kamitchell, Jul 22, 7:21am
Totally agree! Brought stuff just doesn't compare to homemade!!

creek, Jul 22, 7:31am
I made somw to and I didnt like ice cream but I am hoked I will worry about weight Latter

creek, Jul 22, 7:32am
I made some to and I didnt like ice cream but I am hoked I will worry about weight Latter

whistlingwings, Jul 22, 8:03am
Did your icecream contain eggs?
Would like to make some icecream for my little granddaughter.However asshe is allergic to eggsa recipe for icecream without eggs would be appreciated.

dolphin9, Jul 22, 8:09am
No eggs.Recipe is whip 500mls cream to thicken, fold in one tin condensed milk.Stir in 1tsp vanilla ess, and add 3 choc bars such as moro or crunchy, chopped to corn size.Mix and freeze for 8hrs.I actually added 2 choc bars and some rasberrys so can experiment with flavours.Enjoy!

rainrain1, Jul 22, 8:13am
I hope you're poked as well as hoked....as in hokey pokey of courselol

pom-pom, Jul 22, 8:19am
Just raspberries, whipped cream and sugar to taste - pour nito icecream maker and watch the magic - tastes divne!

rthomas80, Jul 22, 8:25am
i make mine in an icecream maker but i get a bag of frozen raspberries or boysenberries put in put with 2 cups sugar and boil it i then strain through a sieve and add pulp back, let it cool and add a litre of cream and 1 teaspoon vanilla essence very easy peasy i also add white chocolate chips sometimes too

deus701, Jul 22, 9:19am
I have a beautiful ice cream recipe. Be careful not to add too much alcohol or it will work as antifreeze (your ice cream does not freeze up)

Honeydew Melon Ice Cream
500g cream
170g sugar
1 vanilla pod
½ lemon (squeezed)
35mlMidori melon liqueur

Heat up cream with vanilla pod and leave to infuse ½ hour. Heat up cream gently with sugar. Add lemon juice, strain and stir in liquer. Place in ice cream machine and churn (Or freeze it and break it up with a fork every 2 hours or so)

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