Man trying to seal Chutney-tricks please

fhpottery, Jan 31, 5:41am
I have sealed industrial containers using PLC and robotics, but can't quite manage a disc of plastic and a rubber band. Is it how you hold your tongue, or one of those things passed on by woman to woman? AND if you are wondering why I am making Chutney, my wife went blind on me and I wanted to do some home cooking for my son. I swear that home cooking is not easy. I think the end result is OK as the seals are concave and tight. Is there a knack to it? 3 attempts per jar is a bit incompetent I think.

rainrain1, Jan 31, 5:47am
A disc of plastic and a ruber band, do you mean celophane? Wet the celophane in a saucer of water first, but you have to stand on your head to get the rubber band on :-)

rainrain1, Jan 31, 5:48am
PS... Ruber band? Now that's not right, I must have meant rubber

margyr, Jan 31, 6:00am
put the rubber band over your fingers and thumb and then stretch it over the top of jar, easy as, oh and poke your tounge out to the right;)

sunflowers28, Jan 31, 6:07am
Place seals in a sauce of hot water, shake water off them and place on top of jar while still hot. The rubber bandsgo into the bin. Too small. Buy yourself a packet and use them. Collect and save your jars with metal lids. Put lids in saucepan and boil for 5 mins. Dry them off and seal on jars. The chutney will keep better with metal lids. Just check lids when you go to use them again that there no rust on them. Enjoy your rewards and good on you for trying.

fhpottery, Jan 31, 6:15am
Thanks all. I should remember to keep the lids of jars. Not a thing males usually think about, 'till too late.
... . now where are my knitting needles? ? ... . .

fhpottery, Jan 31, 6:17am
... . Is it politically correct to buy the cheap christmas puddings in the supermarket? ?, Jan 31, 6:18am
And don't stick your fingers on the underside of the seals that goes adjacent to the interior of the jar. Sterile procedure, please.

(Well, at least clean procedure).

Though it's hard to significantly contaminate chutney, the vinegar and sugar are both good preservatives.

And good luck with the chutney, I'm sure it'll be great.

fhpottery, 4 days, 22 hours
My mum used wax to seal her jars before sealing them. I have heard there is a knack to stop the wax shrinking. What is it?

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