How to make a butter icing

raymo32, May 27, 10:33am
i just made this and it is just gorgeous.had to work quite fast due to the heat in the room and it went soft in the bag quickly but the yummiest icing ever

max_18, Jul 18, 9:44am
for childrens birthday cake, used to no but havent done for for a long time

donna_jo29, Jul 18, 11:13am
and with any essences and any food colouring, thats just a standard white one.

splitty, Jul 20, 8:42am
This recipe is one that I use all the time, it comes from the Womens Weekly Birthday Cake book

Vienna Cream

125g Butter
1 1/2 Cups icing sugar
2 Tablespoons Milk

Have butter and milk at room temp, place butter in a bowl and beat it until it is as white as possible, gradually add about half the sifted icing sugar, beating constantly, add milk gradually, then gradually beat in the remaining icing sugar. it should be smooth and easy to spread.

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