Can Coconut Milk be frozen?

yduj, Jul 18, 12:29am
I only need to use a small amount this time so thought I'd freeze the rest of the contents of the can in ice cubes - will this work?

rainrain1, Jul 18, 12:35am
Yes it freezes OK

macclan4, Jul 18, 4:17am
Yes I do this all the time, and just pop the icecubes in my next satay stirfry!

worldlee, Jul 18, 4:24am
When making stir fries I usually open a tin of coconut milk or cream, divide it into 4 plastic dishes, use one & freeze the others for the next time.During cooking I add water to top up liquid in pan.It also means not so much coconut milk is used as high in calories, especially cream!Yummy.....

dbab, Jul 18, 4:55am
I often freeze leftover coconut cream or milk in the little zip lock bags. They don't take very long to thaw out when you want them, and don't take up much room in the freezer.

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