I have just stuffed 3x huge chickens for dinner

vintagekitty, Jul 16, 4:28am
Cant wait, they smell so good. one with sage and tarragon stuffing, one with a lemon and lime stuffing, one with cranberry stuffing.

Whats for dinner at yours?

jessie981, Jul 16, 4:30am
Coming to yours. I'll have chicken with cranberry stuffing thanx. How many are you feeding?

lindylambchops1, Jul 16, 4:30am
I am on my way with hubby & two kids....is that ok?

vintagekitty, Jul 16, 4:34am
sure you can :) hence the huge amount of chicken. Always end up with extra mouths sat night/sunday's

jessie981, Jul 16, 4:54am
5 xtra tonight

lythande1, Jul 16, 8:28pm
Geez 3 chooks. Must be a lot of you, takes us days to eat 1.

maximus44, Jul 16, 8:42pm
I love the sound of your stuffings especially the lemon and lime one. Could you tell us how you make your stuffings?

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