Quinces in Napier

mitzi3, Mar 19, 11:56pm
A freind gave me some that he had been given, now I want some more! Has anyone got a tree or know where to find them? I usually make two lots of jelly but my first lot was a disaster, but too much sugar in and boiled too long. Don't know what I was thinking. And I have made it successfully for the last three years silly woman! ! !

mitzi3, Mar 21, 5:52am
Doesn't anyone know? Getting desperate. .

smiler127, Mar 21, 5:56am
I saw some at the Hastings Farmers market last week... ...

maximus44, Mar 21, 6:26am
The Strawberry Patch in Havelock road has them for $2. 00 (I think) a kg.

zoan, Mar 21, 11:27am
worm farm, Te Aute road, Havelock North

mitzi3, Mar 21, 11:29pm
Thanks heaps for your answers. Just talked to someone who told me that there is a place in Links Road called Antiques 1071, I phoned and the chap said yes, I'll just pick some off the tree! And figs too. So problem sorted. Just got to make sure I don't mess it up this time.

smiler127, Nov 21, 4:59pm
Oh I know the place mitzi. Didn't know he had quinces but recently had a look at his collectables shop. He's got gorgeous grounds and masses of fruit trees.

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