Could you slow cook this recipe?

bellasmoons, Jul 10, 8:34am

Have purchased all ingredients but don't own a large enough pot so am either going to halve the recipe and make over two nights or could i use the slow cooker? Don't want to ruin it! I've never tried making any type of seafood before haha

dbab, Jul 10, 11:04pm
I wouldn't as you don't want to overcook the seafood. It doesn't take very long to cook anyway.

fifie, Jul 10, 11:49pm
Bella that sounds yummy, what i would doif you haven't a big enough saucepan to make it in, is try it in the slow cooker but pre cook onions, bacon in a frying pan in little oil, cut your potatoes into chunks and zap 2-3 mins to pre cook,( potatoes will take longer to cook than the fish chunks) put onions, bacon, potatoes,with the white fish chunks and water into S/C lid on and cook. Near dinner time put milk, cream into a saucepan and gentlly heat it up till it its good and hot (don't let boil) add this to your S/Cooker mixture with the shrimps,mussels, and chopped parsley,stir all gently to combine, turn cooker to high heat through about another ten-15 mins,till itshot and creamy season with salt and ground pepper, taste adjust seasoning if you need to,and serve, with crusty bread. Seen you have all ingredients give it a go, I wouldn't cut fish to small as you have to give potatoes time to cook, hope it works for you.

dbab, Jul 10, 11:57pm
You could also halve the recipe.

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