birthday cakes

doraandboots, Mar 19, 10:04am
My daughter has requested a castle cake for her 8th birthday. Any ideas would be great. Cheers.

margyr, Mar 19, 5:05pm
use jam rolls or choc rolls for the pillar type things on the front, ice-cream cones on upside down for the pointy bits, depends how big you want to make it, also use a good serated knife for cutting and shaping. Make up a butter cream icing and have fun. Chocolate fingers for the doors. I used to love doing kids birthday cakes, my poor boys though were lucky to get one from the supermarket.

margyr, Mar 19, 6:54pm
google; coolest homemade castle birthday cakes, heaps there to look at, i started my search with castle kids birthday cake design, and found the site i mention.

vrx2evo, Mar 20, 2:09am
This was Miss 5's

http://images. jp

I got it off and then made my own version.

duckmoon, Nov 15, 4:06pm
I did one with a round sponge

Ice cream cones - the ones with flat bottoms, cut the bottoms off (about 4 cm from the bottom) and turn them upside down.

Iced the sponge and the cones in one go (butter icing).

Put on a tray, iced the tray. With green butter icing with coconut - looked like grass/field
and with blue butter icing as a pond.
, upside down ice cream cones (using only the bottom of the cone) for towers.

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