Yummy pud to make using custard?

antoniab, Jul 6, 6:25am
Never really use custard too much but have a bottle of the vanilla bean custard by Dollop. Any ideas for a yummy pud I can make to go with it? All I can think of is trifle lol

lx4000, Jul 6, 6:26am
a fruit crumble!mmMmm with custard and cream/ice cream!

antoniab, Jul 6, 6:27am
Yeah I love crumble but have no suitable fruit at home at the mo and cant be bothered going to the supermarket in this weather :(
Thanks though :)

lx4000, Jul 6, 6:28am
no tinned fruit?

lx4000, Jul 6, 6:29am
bread and butter pud, self saucing pud?

lx4000, Jul 6, 6:30am
add some cocoa or drinking choco or milo and heat and eat!!

terraviva1, Jul 6, 6:57am
Custard tarts! Which ever kind of pastry takes your fancy, pour it in, a grate of nutmeg and away you go.If you want to be a bit posh, sprinkle with brown sugar and pop under the grill to caramelise (watch it carefully though!)

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