Help, My grapefruit marmalade is BITTER

juli55, Jul 5, 3:20am
To rectify, can I re-heat it and put ginger and more sugar in???

juliewn, Jul 5, 12:54pm
Hi.. yes.. bring it to a fast boil, add the extras and keep stirring till the sugar is dissolved, then a few minutes longer before checking for setting point with some on a saucer..

You could also add a chopped orange or two.. and the ginger, then sweeten it to your taste.. keep adding a little sugar, stir till dissolved, taste.. add more in small amounts of preferred..

juli55, Jul 6, 4:14am
Thank you.Will attack it in the weekend.

jills3, Jul 6, 4:58am
oh you lucky lady,I am going to make marmalade but it must be bitter and have a real bite lol.

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