Homemade pizza base recipe please

bellabella3, Jul 3, 5:00am
The best authentic breadmaker pizza base recipe please?

lx4000, Jul 3, 5:30am
just use your bread dough and roll out thin! :) You can add garlic and herbs to the dough also:)

Have fun and try things out:)

marree, Jul 3, 7:15am
lx4000 - can you please give me your basic bread dough mix (I can cook, but useless at baking - I kid you not! - would appreciate - and also adding garlic herbs etc sounds really yummy!).

antoniab, Jul 3, 7:17am

lx4000, Jul 3, 7:20am
cough, I have never made bread with a recipe!! Just add yeast, sugar, salt, ( sometimes - melted butter, oil, milk) and water for a nice soft bread! Read some of the hand making bread threads for more ideas on how to do it! I was shown how to make Maori yeast bread and just tried things out from there!! You can use dried herbs and garlic too. The last one I did was rolled it out thinnish and grated cheese over it with garlic and a dried herb which I can not remember which one then folded the other half over and tucked and pinched to seal. Let it rise a bit then baked. Was great and would make a very nice pizza base if rolled thiner!

Good luck and have fun!! Thats what baking is all about:)

lizab, Jul 3, 8:08am
1 cup tepid water, 1 tbsp olive oil, 3 cups flour, 1 tsp salt and 1 dsp yeast (I use the Surebake red lidded one) Set breadmaker to 'dough'. Mine takes 1 and a half hours, but the recipe says it's fine to take it out after one hour. Roll out the dough when it's done, add your toppings and bake, 200 degrees for 12-15 mins.
Enjoy :)

bellabella3, Jul 3, 8:32am
Many thanks everyone!

guest, Apr 2, 8:35am
It could work but I find it a bit strange when I eat seathpgti and it reminds me of pizza, that's because you shouldn't put so many spices in a seathpgti sauce, I usually only take the tomato sauce and add some garlic and maybe some basil leaves while it's simmering. But San Marzano tomatoes are a must for any kind of sauce, you can't skip on that.

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