1 minute ciabatta - a fab easy recipe

littlebambina, Jun 17, 7:24am
Though I should share the love.....it works brilliantly. I love it because it is a no knead one and is very fast!
4 c flour, 2 c warm water, 1 t salt, 1/4 (thats a quarter) t yeast (the active, not the breadmaker one)
In a medium mixing bowl put your warm water and yeast and mix it up a bit, add flour and salt and mix for a bit. Should be like a heavy batter. Leave to prove in bowl for 8-12 hours then bake 400F for 25 mins.

elliehen, Jun 17, 7:38am
A ciabatta from a bambina...must give this a try ;)

sultana0, Jun 17, 7:40am
Awesome bambina, thankkkkk you

gjnalm, Jun 17, 7:41am
Thank you bam bam, I shall be trying this recipe this weekend

gardie, Jun 17, 7:44am
This recipe is very similar (if not quite the same) as one on here previously that I make quite often.I've bumped it up as it has a link for a fabulous youtube video that gives you some fab tips.

littlebambina, Jun 17, 7:49am
Yes very similar. Forgot to say you can add a bit of sugar if short on time for the rising time. I'm going to make a couple up tonight before I go to bed to have with soup tomorrow lunchtime. Yummmm.

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