Help Making a #1 Birthday Cake

rated, Mar 18, 9:40pm
I did a #1 birthday cake for Master nearly 6 and now it is #1 time.

But do you think I remember what tins I used for doing it.

What tins have you used? ? Loaf tins? ? HELP! ! !

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winnie231, Mar 19, 12:49am
I would use a large square tin & cut the cake into shape once cold.

tonsta2, Nov 12, 5:13pm
I used 2 loaf tins, one for the main body, then about 3/4ths of the next one for the base of the 1 and then cut a triangle out of the left over quarter for the sticky out tip of the 1. Hope that makes sense. It made a nice big cake.

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