Cake mixers

00743, Jun 22, 6:41am
Which brand of cake mixer is best. I dont use one that often and dont want to spend over $200.

gilligee, Jun 22, 6:54am
Suggest a handheld model if you do not use one often.

klc1, Jun 22, 6:57am
gilligee wrote:
Suggest a handheld model if you do not use one often.[/quote

Agreed, I got rid of my stand mixer, took up too much room and I hardly ever used it.I use my handheld one alot and it just pops back in the cupboard.

sultana0, Jun 22, 7:08am
Kenwood chef with attachments. I'm a male and love mine

00743, Jun 22, 7:54am
kenwoods are to dear.

cupcakes5, Jun 22, 10:39am
LOVE my kenwood, mine gets used weekly though, what about breville they would have a cheaper model and are still a good name

sultana0, Jun 22, 10:52am
I've had a few brands over the years, thinking that they were good value, but the most versatile mixer I've used over the last 20 odd years is the Kenwood Chef. (yep Idid say 20 odd). I've had various other makes with some new fandangle whizz bang thingy-me-bob, they have either broken down or I have gotten rid of them. PS my other fave kitchen implement is the Stick blender... love them to

debudder, Jun 22, 11:25am
My kenwood is over 30 years old now, has fallen off the bench twice, so does look abit worse for wear but has never missed a late Aunty got one as a wedding present 56 years ago and yes it is still going, am sure my mothers still would have been as well but a house fire put paid to my girls also all have kenwoods.

bleetbleet, Jun 23, 6:38am
i've had a few different ones in the past cause i didnt want to pay for a new kenwood-they all died a premature death till i bought a 2nd hand kenwood and realised how much better than the others it was.passed the 2nd hand one on to daughter(and its still going strong)and forked out for a brand new kenwood.i dont believe i'll regret it as it will last for years

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