Anyone recommend a good goat's cheese?

kclu, Mar 18, 4:09am
Can it be used in tthe place of feta?

jag5, Mar 18, 8:57am
Isn't Feta goats cheese? It is traditionally made from goats milk.

winnie231, Mar 18, 9:13pm
Feta is traditionally made from goats milk although alot of 'commercially produced' feta in NZ is made from cows milk.

There's very, VERY good goats milk cheese made in Golden Bay by Meadowcroft Farm - it's not cheap but oh, so morish! ! !

glendeb, Mar 18, 9:20pm
Or Over the Moon cheeses here in Putaruru, Yummo!

rog.e, Mar 18, 10:07pm
lol how pedestrian my tastebuds must be.

I eat Bouton d'or goat milk Feta cheese.
Snd sometimes it turns out to be Cow milk Feta made by them and in similar pack. (Damn the euesight! )
Guess it is because I likee it and it isn't as costly.

My daighter bought me Delago Sheep milk Feta.
It too is delicious.


jag5, Mar 19, 8:31am
My favourite is Bouton d'or Feta. Creamy and salty ... . . oh salivating at the thought. Salad for lunch tomorrow I think

rebecca18, Mar 20, 12:25am
While, goat's milk is traditionally used to make Feta cheese, not all goat's milk cheese is feta. You may like to check out what Wikipedia has to say http://en. . The nicest goat's cheese I have eaten was a hard cheese whose name, frustratingly, eludes me at the moment. Although it costs almost $100 a kilogram and so is only bought in very thin wedges, and sliced even more thinly still.

rebecca18, Nov 16, 1:14pm
Well, I learned something today... the cheese I was referring to is called Manchega and I find that it is not made from goats milk at all but rather from sheep's milk. Either way, it is incredibly delicious. For further information about this cheese look here

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