Mourish self saucing pudding without butter

redslapper, Jun 25, 1:53am
does any one know a recipe with out butter, my partner is lactose intolerant. TIA

lx4000, Jun 25, 5:04am
use a marg and use almond or soy milks as replacements:)

pyrogalf, Jun 29, 3:55am
Dairy Free choc self saucing pudding
• ½ cup of dates
• ¼ cup boiling water
• ¼ cup muscavado sugar
• ½ cup olivani spread (or any other dairy free margarine is fine)
• 2 eggs
• 1 cup self raising flour
• 2 tbsp cocoa
• ½ tsp vanilla essence

• ½ cup muscavado sugar
• 2 tbsp cocoa
• 1 ½ cups boiling water

1. Put the dates into a blender with the boiling water and blend until it creates a pulp.
2. Add in the muscavdo sugar and the olivani spread, and blend to combine.
3. Add one egg at a time whilst pulsing making sure each is thoroughly combined.
4. Add the remaining ingredients and pulse to combine.
5. Press into a greased casserole dish and pre-heat oven to 180°C on bake. Set aside and make sauce.

1. Place sugar and cocoa into a mixing jug (or adequately sized bowl) and pour over boiling water. Mix thoroughly.
2. Pour over pudding and bake @ 180 for 30-40 mins.


redslapper, Jun 29, 7:56am
cool many thanks ;)

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