Where to buy a 24 cup cupcake or muffin oven tray?

princesunshine, Jun 14, 12:39am
where could i find one please?

also, any suggestions on what i could use to transport 200+ decorated cupcakes?

punkinthefirst, Jun 14, 12:47am
You might be lucky if you try a chefs' supply outlet.
The nearest to you would probably be House of Knives, or similar in Wellington.

cookessentials, Jun 14, 1:36am
Only 24 mini's available. The trays for carrying 24 at a time used to be available, but we have not been able to get any more.

moggie57, Jun 14, 1:42am
for transporting use a bread crate...you know, the ones on the racks at the supermarkets...just borrow a couple>>>>and they stack on top of each other as well .good luck

princesunshine, Jun 14, 2:16am
brilliant idea!thanks

chicco2, Jun 14, 3:03am
I ask at a local shop where they get pies delivered, and they let me have the strong cardboard, lidded boxes that the pies get delivered in. I line them with lunch paper and then the cupcakes. The boxes are quite shallow. They stack in my stationwagon, with a piece of non-slip matting between them. They are perfect. I would no want to put the cakes on bread trays without covering them.

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