Reheating frozen fruit pulp for jam

jhan, Jun 13, 12:05am
This year I put fruit pulp away in the freezer for making into jam and am just re-heating a batch of damson at the moment.
Anything to watch for or is it just the same as fresh?

indy95, Jun 13, 12:37am
I do this almost every year, jhan and have never had any problems. As far as I'm concerned you just treat it as though you are starting with the fresh fruit.

wildflower, Jun 13, 3:45am
Good thinking, I have a ice cream container of plums in the freezer!

indy95, Jun 13, 4:03am
I thought I should add that I usually reheat the fruit from frozen without thawing it first. If you want to thaw it that is usually fine except forthings like apricots or peaches which tend to turn an unattractive brown.

summersunnz, Jun 13, 4:57am
I make jam from fruit I've frozen - aren't damson's amazing for jam - yum!

The peaches and apricots do brown when frozen, however I've found that once heated the browning disappears and the jams look as if they're made from fresh fruit.

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