Slow cooker help please

mike547, Jun 12, 12:51am
I am using a slow cooker for the first time and making the maggi classic beef hotpot.Can someone please tell me if I stir it at all while it is cooking, it doesn't say to on the packet.Thanks

just_lookin1, Jun 12, 12:53am
Nah, i wouldn't. Just stir it b4 you put the lid on. I put mine in cooker b4 work and its cooked for when i get home. No-one is home to stir it all day and it turns out fine

245sam, Jun 12, 12:53am
mike547, I am not familiar with the packeted mix that you are using, but just in case you are not aware, please remember that for each time you lift the slow cooker lid you will need to allow 20-30 minutes extra cooking time due to the heat that is lost when the lid is lifted.:-))

shelleigh, Jun 12, 12:59am
Sam I made a stew in mine the other day and stirred it about three times, didn't cook it for any longer than it was supposed to be cooked and it was fine.

mike547, Jun 12, 2:01am
Thanks for that infomation.I have given it a stir, mmm smelling and looking good.I have an extra hour before it will be needed so can allow extra cooking time if needed, thanks again

fee1965, Jun 12, 7:13am
General rule is to combine well when you turn it on and leave it alone til about 1/2 hour before you serve then give it a quick stir.

mike547, Jun 12, 9:23am
It was a success, thankyou for the help.Think this crockpot is going to get a lot more use from now on, it was so good not having to muck around tonight getting dinner ready at the last minute.Just had to cook a few peas and it was all done.Lovely

fee1965, Jun 12, 10:28am
I made a yummy sausage casserole last week and so easy:
Brown 8 sausages (raw ones) and fry 1 chopped onion and cook til soft.Put these in cooker.Rinse out pan with 1 glass red wine add to cooker.Add 1 beef oxo and 1 glass water.Add some fresh sage (about 4 leaves) and salt n pepper.Cook on low, stir once during cooking.

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