Rice for slow cooker

alebix, Jun 10, 5:49am
Hi all,

I am currently making rice pudding in my slow cooker.
This is my first time trying anything other than soup or casserole.

Now so far, the rice has absorbed way more milk than initailly added (4c milk to 1c rice).But thats not the problem, my problem is the rice has gone mushy. I have stirred it 3 times in 4 hours and its mush.

Any ideas on what brand to use?I used Calrose medium grain.
I know to use medium rice not long (cant find short grain anywhere).

I appreciate your help

geldof, Jun 10, 6:02am
Sounds like it may have overcooked.Did you do it on high or low?
I do mine for at least 4 hours in the oven and it doesn't go to mush.

Some of the Binn Inn's still have short grain rice.

snookum0_0, Aug 8, 1:16am
Noel Leeming's told me, that you wash uncooked rice in a sieve, with cold water until the liquid that runs out is clear, this is a way of washing out the starch, which is why rice goes mushy.Cook in the slow cooker as normal, and see if this helps :-)

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