Chocolate case fillings needed

fantail, Jun 4, 9:54am
I am making small chocolate cases and need recipes to fill them with (non alcoholic) and pref to be able to be done days ahead of event. Does anyone have some yummy filling ideas.

babytears, Jun 4, 10:10am
Hmmm.... what about peanut butter - like those reeces peanut butter cups, or flavoured marshmellow, or mousse?

gaspodetwd, Jun 4, 10:19am
Cheesecake mixture. Or chocolate mousse.

fantail, Jun 4, 10:47am
choc type fillings preferably. Ones that can be done a few days ahead, not on the day,

marcs, Jun 4, 1:54pm
Chocolate ganache or chocolate mousse or chocolate custard. Look under pettie fours and you should find some more filling that are more to what you are looking for.

lx4000, Jun 5, 12:11am
nutella!! Gnash (cream and chocolate, white or dark) with nuts or dried fruit in the middle.

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