NEVER use cooking spray underneath a Pavlova

kervil_ave, Jun 2, 6:11am
Good gracious.
I made the most perfect pavlova over the weekend; and so decided to make another one just before.Had run out of baking paper so popped some foil onto the tray as a liner.....and this is the BAD bit......and then sprayed it with non-stick cooking spray.
Pavlova looking fine, looking good, i leave the room for 5 minutes and when i come back there is smoke billowing from the oven.The entire underneath of the pav is blacker than black.
And now i'll have to make something to go with the vat of whipped cream I have.Either 500 Irish Coffees or possibly a cake.

sofija, Jun 2, 8:14am
I could come up and help you with those Irish Coffees kervil :-)
Thanks for the heads up on what Not to do with a Pav
Popping in to the Recipes msg board from Pets - see my Rice/Sago Pud Slow Cooker thread

debz94, Jun 2, 8:20am
hey should have sprinkled water on the foil instead of cooking oil,better luck next time or back to the baking paper

maximus44, Jun 2, 8:38am
I always use tinfoil only and have never had a failure.

floralsun, Jun 2, 10:17am
I used foil to cover a large ham as it baked recently - little blotches of grey smudgy something came off the foil and stuck to the ham - it wasn't the foil as there weren't any holes in the foil - it was like the surface of the foil had come off - have never had this before - maybe foil is yet another product that's being changed??

buzzy110, Jun 2, 11:04am
Perhaps it is time to invest in some silicone baking liners. I have a variety in different sizes and am wondering just how I lived without them. I even put them directly into the oven without trays for some things. the amount of money I have saved on baking paper, etc, makes them very affordable indeed.

korbo, Jun 2, 11:14am
always spray and never had a problem. wonder what caused that.

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