'Dry' Chocolate Icing recipe Needed URGENTLY

donnabeth, Jun 1, 10:12pm
How can I get my chocolate icing to stay dry once it has set?

I make delicious fudge and chocolate cakes, but I have to ice them with real chocolate because I simply cannot get my chocolate icing to stay dry no matter what I tried.
I need to make some cakes for a group of hard working men this weekend and I can't offer them up sticky messy icing in exchange for the effort they're putting in, and it is too expensive to ice such a big amount with real chocolate.

jazzzy, Jun 1, 10:56pm
For a slice I use a cup of icing sugar, 2 T cocoa 1t of butter or marg and a few T of hot water. It always is a set icing as I use it on slices.

minoo, Jun 1, 11:05pm
I use 75 grams softened butter and whip it with electric beater until almost white.Add icing sugar dessertspoon at a time, alternating with cocoa.Beat well constantly.Add a few drops of boiling water inbetween each addition until you have the amount of icing you want.Spread over cake and refrigerate for 2 hours.It is not "dry" as such but you can pick up a slice and the icing does not run down the sides of the cut piece.Hope this works for you!

kaddiew, Jun 1, 11:22pm
I do the same as jazzzy does, and it always sets and is never sticky. I tend to have the icingalmost too thick to spread, and dip my knife into hot water as needed.

oopie, Jun 2, 3:26am
For bikkies I need to store, I leave out the butter and make icing just with cocoa (for choc icing), icing sugar and hot water.I make it very stiff, and leave to dry on a rack.Once it is dry it stores really well without sticking together.

prawn_whiskas, Jun 2, 3:39am
^^ that.. is how mothers have been making icing for years, and it sets touch hard.

kiwibubbles, Jun 2, 11:22am
yep my way is the same as the others above. Never been runny.

buzzy110, Jun 2, 11:51am
Mmm. I think the poster is asking for icing that is not soft (like butter icing) and can be handled, rather than worrying about runny icing. I think jazzy is on the right track.

Here are two simple icing recipes from the Cadbury's book. (I worked it out in grams as well)

1. Chocolate Glace Icing
1oz - 30grms Cocoa
2T Boiling Water
4oz - 120grms Icing Sugar (approx)
Mix Cocoa and water to a paste, beat in sifted Icing Sugar to obtain and consistency that will coat the back of a spoon. Beat well and pour over cake immediately.

2. Chocloate Galze Icing
1oz - 30grms cocoa
6T Water
½oz - 15grms Butter
4oz - 120grms Icing Sugar (approx)
Mix cocoa and water to a paste in a small pan and heat gently until boiling. Boil for 3mins. Remove from heat and add butter and beat well. work in sufficient icing sugar to obtain consistency required. Use at once

donnabeth, Jun 3, 7:26am
2 huge fudges made and looking good. Here's to icing that won't stick to the fingers.
Thank you all for help. I notice that the butter quantity is quite small, whereas I've always put a big slab in and used a little boiling water to smooth it. maybe that's where I went wrong. Buzzy, my MIL told me about the icing in the pan. She recalls her aunts doing that when she was a child(80 years ago).

rarogal, Jun 4, 12:45am
And butter sets better than margerine!

donnabeth, Jun 4, 9:29pm
SUCCEESS!!!! is there an icon for singing and dancing around the room? Thank you for your suggestions.

lost-in-oz, Jun 4, 10:31pm
Would you like to post your recipes for the fudge and choc cakes please?:o)

I always like to try different ones.

alewis, Jun 4, 11:09pm
I have great success when I make chocolate icing I put icing chocolate powder a small knob of butter and a bit of hot water mix until its very stiff THEN I throw it in the microwave for 1 min to 1.20 - this seams to set it a bit like fudge, its runny when it comes out but sets hard,

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