Does anyone own an Akai slow cooker

spoeklet, May 31, 10:40pm
I am on a limited budget and saw them for sale 1/2 price. They have a digital timer and a removable ceramic dish. Is there going to be a big difference with the Akai vs other brands - should I just go for it?

kinna54, May 31, 10:50pm
It sounds fine to me. I like the idea of a digital timer, and if it has a clear instruction and recipe book I'd chance it. I bought a couple ofslow cookerscheapies for use at our sports club and they have been fine.
Akai is a name I associated with other appliances, but in that range it had a good name. If you can get something that does the trick on a limited budget, I say go with it and good luck.

lindylambchops1, May 31, 11:57pm
On a limited budget...a slow cooker would be excellent for you.Slow cooking tenderizes the cheaper cuts of meat beautifully.I am sure it uses less electricity than the oven & you can cook a whole meal in just one pot.I love mine.Sorry I can't help you with that brand but wish you all the best.

spoeklet, Jun 1, 12:50am
It doesn't seem to come with a recipe book, but there are heaps online.

free-h-oldies, Jun 4, 8:34am
spoeklet, I have 2 crockpots and use them all the time, one is 3ltr round which I have had for 3 years and recently I bought an oval 3ltr one. Dont worry about spending on recipe books, there are lots of wonderful recipes on here for you to build up your favourites. Good luck and happy cooking

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