Has any1 got recipe for apricot chicken slowcooker

happydayz2day, May 29, 5:52am
Please I need a fail safe recipe?

lindylambchops1, May 29, 5:59am
Easy Apricot Chicken.
Mix 2 cans apricot halves in syrup with 2 sachets french onion soup (can use 1 can and 1 sachet depending on amount of chicken). Pour over chicken and bake 180c until chicken cooked (around 1-1 1/2hrs from memory).

I used the Search Function !

imn, May 29, 6:41am
I see #2 didnt read properly that you want a SLOW cooker one.I use the maggie apricot chicken sachet.the recipie for slow cooker is on the back. its very nice. House smellsmmmm to.

happydayz2day, May 30, 5:52am
Please I need a fail safe recipe!

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