boring sausages HELP please

teddy147, Mar 16, 3:19am
we are having sausages for dinner, anyone got some new ideas as what i can do with them ( im not a fan of sausies ) tia

dms01, Mar 16, 3:22am
devilled sausages

dms01, Mar 16, 3:23am
no seriously, they are nice. You can use a Maggi packet or it shouldn't be too hard to find a recipe on the net. My recipe which I would give you if I could find it, has them cooked with a sauce of onions, apples, stock, worcester sauce and tomato relish from memory.

winnie231, Mar 16, 3:34am
One or two recipes here: php? f=20&sid=d23e34

rach_1, Mar 16, 3:41am
The other night we were having sausages and wanted to do someting different so we sliced them in half, made up some mashed potato chopped a onion and added it to the potato, put a bit of sauce on the sausage then put mashed potato on it and put some grated cheese over the top and grilled it, very yum!

teddy147, Mar 16, 3:46am
sounds good thankyou

eastie3, Nov 6, 1:43am
Fry 1 sliced onion and 1 garlic clove and set aside. Brown the sausages(prick first so they don't burst), add in 1 tin of flavoured tomatoes, a cup or two of diced veges and 1/2c pasta or rice. Top up liquid with water or beef stock, an Oxo cube is fine. Cover the pan and simmer for 20mins or so. I made this today using diced kumara, pumpkin, broccoli, carrot-
, celery, frozen peas and corn. Check seasoning. I also add chili powder, but this can be omitted if kids are eating. Six sausages will feed my son and DIL for two meals, with possibly enough for a lunch. The flavour improves if made a day ahead. It could also be made in the slow cooker.

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