Non stick frypan suitable for the oven as well.

rai5, May 21, 9:18am
Hubby sometimes does the cooking and tonight after he had prepared dinner he tells me he wants a non stick frypan that he can take the handle off and pop into the oven. Maybe too much watching of Masterchef! But anyway who can recommend a good brand where the non stick will last the distance. I'm also not sure if he really needs the handle to come off but tell me about that as well.Thanks

knowsley, May 21, 9:34am
Circulon. Only non stick ones I like. Scanpan are hopeless. Although I have never tried it with mine, Circulon say their handles are fine for in oven use. I generally use cast iron if I am doing stove top to oven.

florence14, May 21, 9:42am
Le creuset.

lythande1, May 21, 7:59pm
I have two. A Baccarat and a Scanpan. Both are great.

bedazzledjewels, May 21, 11:55pm
Agree with Knowsley. Threw out my Scanpan and loving the Circulon.

chicco2, May 22, 4:17am

rai5, May 23, 3:49am
Many thanks.

cookessentials, May 23, 7:42am
Infinite Circulon dont have removable handles,however, they can go into the oven handle and all. The only ones with the removable handles are the Danish Gastrolux.

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