Southern Fried Chicken

ants9, Mar 15, 6:16am
Lots of recipes on Google but does anybody have a special recipe that tastes just like it and recommends? Please :)

margyr, Mar 15, 6:52am
flour, salt/pepper, chilli powder, garlic powder, paprika. have wet chicken, mix all dry ingredients in a bowl and dip the chicken peices into it then either deep fry which of course is best or shallow fry. can also put mixed herbs but i dont really like them so dont use myself.

lookingfor, Mar 15, 8:05am
Hey, when I make fried chicken, once I cover the chicken with the dry ingredients (I use breadcrumps), I then spray oil all over the chicken then bake it in an oven.

homelygirl0011, Mar 15, 9:08am
Cook n coat is lovely, sell it in a yellow box, deep fry, then finish in the oven. I am getting hungry now

nahzee, Mar 15, 6:37pm
*DROOLS*. . lol

sunnyflower, Mar 16, 12:05am
my recipe is the best its orgasmic,

blend salt pepper and garlic powder, enough to coat as many peices as you want, then mix egg with a little water, drop chicken into salt mix and then egg and water then self raising flour, then deep fry in oil, I precook my peices first then they dont take forever in the deep fryer, trust me this is sooo good

ants9, Mar 16, 12:34am
Yummm, getting hungry now-A new shop opened up here-Roasts to go and their coating was divine, wanted to find a similar one-Thanks

ants9, Nov 6, 4:49pm
Sunnyflower, tried this and found I had a southern chicken coating spice which I added also and doubled dipt with the egg and flour=divine-yayayaya