Iced tea recipe

stormbaby, Mar 15, 2:45am
Who has a nice one? We were sampling stuff at the Elerslie Show on Saturday and tried the Lipton Lemon iced tea which is lovely. I thought I had a nice old recipe but can't find it. Anyone got a tried and tested one? Its so refreshing.

jag5, Mar 15, 6:44am
If you go to the search bar on the left of this page, type in Iced Tea, Anytime posted, heaps of recipes there.

elliehen, Mar 15, 9:05am
In the USA they just make a brew in a teapot and pour it over a glass full of ice cubes.

pam.delilah, Nov 4, 3:50pm
Pop in to trademe cooks website via this link. php? f=17&t=337

Do not want to post recipes due to what is happening to the threads in recipes. That is they are being transferred to a web site 'stack of recipes' without our permission.

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