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duckmoon, May 11, 10:39am
have you seen her use a tierred cake stand! what about one of those.

linster, May 11, 10:52am
Thanks, great ideas everyone! :-)

nzl99, May 11, 10:31pm
I'd like things that are slightly luxury items. like a good gem pan, or mini flan tins, some gorgeous muffin cases, a little copper pot for melting butter in.

kinna54, May 12, 3:47am
A voucher for Stevens or a good kitchen store, Whitcoull's sale has some awesome cookbooks at the mo. I like the gift basket idea, would include a really strong oven glove (Farmers had some beauties; (treated myself; ) and also had lovely decorative cake display tins timers and scales etc.

cookessentials, May 12, 3:48am
no, you like good cookware. Have you seen the silikomart moulds!

deus701, May 12, 4:14am
Yup, they're good. I bought quite a few moulds from here:

They have silikomats arount $20-$35.way cheaper than others. And generic ones for $15. They don't have much listed online, but they have a physical store in North Shore. Im quite happy as I bought Matfer Bourgeat 400mm Exoglass Whisk for $38 while Southern Hospitality sells them for $67.85. Also picked up a matfer silpat for $40. 40cm by 30cm. Im gona get the stainless steel baguette knife (with replacement blades) they are selling for $12 if I go back there again.

Then again, not all things are cheap. Their palette knives are way too expensive.

buzzy110, May 12, 6:46am
Why not consider a fabulous recipe book! Check out on-line book sellers. I always use The Book Depository.

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