Unsalted vs Salted Butter

deb158, May 7, 6:48am
Just wondering if it makes any difference to use salted butter when the recipe states unsalted butter?Thanks

gardie, May 7, 7:02am
I have never used unsalted butter in my life - have made plenty of recipes that ask for it though.They turned out fine.

deb158, May 7, 7:07am
Cool, thanks for that :)

waswoods, May 7, 7:08am
Sometimes I use unsalted butter when I'm making icing. I don't think it makes too much difference though. I do, however, only use butter that has no water in it

deb158, May 7, 9:03am
Yeah this recipe is for icing, with melted chocolate and orange rind, hopefully it will be ok!

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